A quick update

So I thought it might be time for an update from me. It’s been an unusual few months for us all, but it seems like we’re getting closer to a new normal everyday! 

I went back to on court training last week with my coach. The plan is to gradually build this up over the next few weeks and not to rush straight back to my usual hours, just to avoid any risk of injury, as not hitting a tennis ball for 3 months is something none of us tennis players have ever experienced before. Fitness isn’t the issue, as that’s all I’ve done throughout lockdown, it’s more my body getting used to the technical aspects of tennis again. I have to say though, I absolutely love being back on court. I’ll be honest, it felt really strange at first and I was so inconsistent which I found frustrating but pretty funny at the same time as I’ve been hitting some really random shots, but each session I can definitely feel myself getting back to where I was. I found it interesting too that my favourite shots (topspin forehand and backhand) felt the most odd, and the shots I’m not so good at (slice backhand and serve) felt the same as where I left them. It was just brilliant being back on court again!

Lockdown has been an interesting time for me, as it has for many and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed the break from my normal hectic life a little. I’ve loved having quality time at home with my partner and our puppy who joined our family just 3 weeks before lockdown. This time has given me a chance to press that reset button which I think I needed , even though I didn’t know it.

I must admit that Tokyo being delayed by a whole year was a tough pill to swallow initially. However I now just see it as an opportunity to get better and improve on all elements of my game and hopefully reach the Paralympics in a stronger position next year.

Lastly, an update regarding the Wheelchair Tennis Tour. The ITF have now confirmed that rankings will remain frozen until the tour resumes in August and then they will unfreeze them and we will win/build points as before. The qualification date has been pushed back to June next year so we will be able to win more points to add to our rankings with that date now in place. Essentially we are re-playing the whole Paralympic qualification year again. Of course the date for the Tour to resume may be pushed back again but this is what we know for now. To keep up to date with any changes you can visit the ITF website here –