Happy Christmas and Thank you

I can’t  believe it’s Christmas already, I honestly feel like this year has flown by, and what a strange one it’s been. It’s hard to put into words how this year has  gone, it’s been so full of ups and downs.

On the personal side of things it was a pretty great year in some ways. Chris and I got engaged and I became an Auntie for the first time which feels amazing. I’m stilll waiting to meet my nephew but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait, thank goodness for video calls as at least I can see him that way for now. So it’s lovely to take some positive memories out of what has been such an unusual year.

When it comes to Tennis it’s been the strangest year. I’ve only completed in 4 tournaments in total, as opposed to the usual 15-20. Two of these were before the lockdown in March in the UK and then the other two were in September in France , which I feel lucky to have played in to be honest, as although a few tournaments stayed in the the tour calendar from September to December, the majority were still cancelled.

That being said, they all went really well and getting back into tournaments after such a long break (nearly 8 months) felt great. I’d really missed the buzz I get from competing. Training has gone really well this year and I’m just seeing Tokyo being pushed back until 2021 as an opportunity to get better and improve my game more, so I can be in an even better place when it does finally come around.

I’m hoping to compete in two British tournaments at the end of February to kick of my competitions for 2021. Fingers crossed they go ahead, and then we’ll see what options are available after that in the next few weeks. In terms of qualifying for the Paralympics I am still in the same place as I was before we went into lockdown. I just need to move up one ranking place in order to qualify so I’m working hard to make that achievable. I of course want to move more than one ranking place and qualify more comfortably, it’s just been so difficult loosing so many tournaments and opportunities to gain points this year, but that will not stop me giving it my all.

I finish training tomorrow and then I’m having a break which I cannot wait for until the 4th January and then it’s full steam ahead with tournaments and training, covid permitting.

Wishing everybody a lovely Christmas and a huge thank you for all your continued support, it really does mean so much. Happy Christmas, and here’s to a healthy 2021! Louise x