Study Higher Oxford Brookes University

Louise Hunt has delivered several talks to disadvantaged students from Yr 9 – 13. The talks have taken place at Study Higher events.

Each talk has been to students who are attending events to make them think about their future and how to gain the best out of themselves. Louise’s talks have had every one of the students captivated, and realising that there really is nothing in the way of their dreams.

As well as delivering the talks, some times to 150+ people, she stays behind for students to come and discuss with her any questions they may have, or any suggestions Louise may have to help them feel more confident. The students are always very keen to received an autograph and a ‘selfie’.

When reading the evaluations of these events, the most common comments from the students is that they loved Louise’s talks and now know that they can do the impossible.

Louise has impacted the lives of many disadvantaged students as well as the teachers who attend the events too. I believe she is a fantastic role model for young people as she believes that everyone deserves a chance, and that every one is able to reach their dreams, no matter what they think is in their way.

BBC Wimbledon Commentator

Louise was one of our expert pundits working alongside our BBC commentators on the Ladies Wheelchair Singles and Doubles tournament for BBC Sport Television at Wimbledon this year.

Louise bought all her insight and knowledge of the players and the world Paralympic tennis tour into the pundits role and she provided some real interest and expertise of the matches to the watching and listening public.

Her vision and input to the commentators was invaluable and they worked well together.

I’m aware that Louise wishes to pursue a career in the media once her tennis career comes to an end and I think she possess many attributes to go down this route in due course.

Tony Garrett

Freelance Paralympic Producer for the BBC

LEAVES – Opening of accessible pathways

We were honoured to have Louise attend a staff training event and to formally open pathways that have increased wheelchair access to some local woodlands.

The talk delivered by Louise was truly inspirational and demonstrated that having a positive mindset makes it possible to achieve greatness in spite of what other people may consider to be a disability.  This was particularly relevant to our group of members, many of whom are recovering from a mental illness and still suffer from low self esteem.

Throughout her time with us Louise was thoughtful and friendly to everyone and showed such interest in the achievements of others that we will all follow her future tennis career with added enthusiasm.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to other event organisers who feel that their audience would gain similar benefits from witnessing her positive attitude to life and motivational speech making.

Bob Astbury

Manager of LEAVES

Houses of Parliament – Ottobock

Ottobock held an exhibition at the Houses of Parliament on 5th March 2013 to raise awareness amongst Parliamentarians around the poor provision of Prosthetic technology to NHS patients.

Louise attended to discuss her involvement in the London 2012 Paralympic Games and how access to equipment was important to her in achieving her potential.

Louise was excellent in her role, easily engaging Members of Parliament in conversation around the issues and generating real interest in our lobbying campaign. Louise is a natural communicator and easily liaises with people at all levels.

It was a real pleasure to have Louise involved in this event and we plan to work with her again in the near future.

Andrew McLean

Sales & Marketing Director

Primary School Visit

Louise Hunt visited our Primary School and gave an interesting and engaging presentation to the whole school. The 83 children who were aged 4-10 years were totally engaged by the way Louise was able to talk and include the children throughout the presentation. I was particularly impressed by the way Louise was able to tailor the presentation to meet the needs of all of the listeners for example talking to the very youngest children as well as posing more challenging questions to the older pupils and also capturing the attention of both boys and girls linked to the content of the talk. Louise was able to include topics which were relevant and poignant to the listeners and the children certainly learnt a lot from what Louise had to say. Louise provided opportunities for the pupils to ask questions throughout the presentation and even went on the playground afterwards to share with them her tennis skills and talk to the children in a more informal setting. The children were so inspired by the presentation that they did more research on Louise, the Paralympics, and wheelchair tennis. It was a pleasure to have Louise along to the school and she is a great ambassador for her sport. We would love to welcome Louise back to our school for future visits as she was an inspiration to our young children.

Mrs Claire Bates

Deputy Head Teacher

Somersham Primary School

Secondary School Presentation Evening

Louise was invited to speak at Kingsdown School Presentation Evening.  The evening is for students who left the school having completed their GCSEs the previous summer. It is an opportunity for the school to celebrate the successes of students, present them with their GCSE certificates and recognise the wider work and contributions of students to the school. Parents are invited to accompany their children and share in the celebration; this year, there were over 250 guests.

Each year we invite a guest speaker to congratulate, enthuse and motivate the students and set a context for the next steps in their learning journey.

Being a mixture of parents and their children, the audience have varied life experiences and interests; engaging them all is a difficult task.

Louise’ told a personal story that was both entertaining and humbling at the same time; informative, engaging and motivational, every member of the audience was mesmerised by what she had to say. Louise’ love of life and of sport were clear to see, her energy and determination are an example too us all. If we all modelled our own lives in just a small way on Louise’ love of life, we would be better people.

We are very grateful that Louise was able to take the time to talk to us and hope that she is able to come back again and inspire others.

Mr Stephen Lowe

Deputy Headteacher

Beavers Visit

Louise came to speak to a group of 24 Beaver Scouts  ( aged 6-8 years old)on the subject of being a  Paralympian. She spoke to the children about what it was like growing up, being in a wheelchair and the training involved to get to Olympic standard. She encouraged all the children to try hard at sports but also at their school work.

She was so enthusiastic and engaging and kept the attention of the group for the whole time. Louise was happy to take questions and made all the children at ease and answered every question (even the personal ones). I have never known the children to sits so still for so long and pay so much attention to one person.

Louise was an inspiration not only to the children but also the adults that evening. Louise will make a great motivational speaker in the future and we wish her well with Rio 2016.

Karen Hawkins

Beaver Leader – 1st Wanborough Scouts